Drees Wood Products, Inc.

Edgebanded Care


Cleaning Do's and Don'ts

StyleLite products can be cleaned simply using a wet microfibre cloth or chamois with non-abrasive soap.

Do Use

  • Clean wet microfibre cloth
  • Clean wet chamois
  • Novus No. 1 polish used often
  • Non abrasive soap and detergent
  • Warm water

Don't Use

  • Paper towel
  • Dry wipe at any time
  • Brushes, scourers or scrapers
  • Abrasive cleaners
  • Thinners or Methylated Spirits

Scratch Repair

The StyleLite surface becomes more scratch resistant over the first few days after the removal of the protective film.

This process can be accelerated by lightly polishing the StyleLite surface immediately after the masking film is removed using Novus® No. 1 or Plexus® plastic polishes with a clean microfibre cloth.

Please Note

 The repair advice below applies only to StyleLite High Gloss products

General Cleaning

Apply Novus® No. 1 Plastic Polish, Plexus® Plastic Polish or warm soapy water and wipe using a clean microfibre, soft cloth or damp chamois.

Removing Marks and Light Scratches

Apply Novus® No. 2 or a good quality liquid polish (e.g. 3M™ Finesse-It™ II, Kitten® Polishing Wax) and using a damp, clean microfibre or soft cloth, polish in a circular pattern. Then remove polish using General Cleaning procedure above.

Removing Heavier Scratches

Apply Novus® No. 3 or a good quality fine compound polish (e.g. 3M™ Perfect-It™ III) and using a damp, clean microfibre or soft cloth, polish in back and forth motion at right angles to visible scratches. Then use Removing Marks and Light Scratches procedure, then General Cleaning procedure above.

Ensure all polish residues are removed completely from the StyleLite surface. Low speed electric buffing can also be used to repair marks and scratches.