Drees is pleased to announce new and improved Order Forms:

         Wood Doors

         RTF Doors

         Drawer Box


We have built in many form functions for ease of use and product ordering clarification.  With the use of these online ordering forms, your order will go directly to the office staff.  You will no longer need to scan, fax, or email orders.


Also, we are in current development to make these forms cell mobile and pad friendly.  This will make it easier for you to read, view, and input/place orders with your cell phones or any other hand held device.  We will send out another memo once these mobile forms are available.


Please discard any browser bookmarks/favorites at the old ordering start page.  To utilize these new forms, please connect to our homepage at www.dreeswoodproducts.com and click on "Place Order Now" at the upper right corner.  Always connect directly to our homepage to access the online ordering.


There you will begin the ordering process by selecting one of the following:



Please view the following images for clarification on the new form ordering features:



All 3 forms entail various selections of "View Details" which will clarify specs, images, explanations, etc. in  pop up windows.  Upon viewing pop up, click on the X to close window or click on "Close this window" button to return to the ordering form.



We have formatted and sized the line items for 30 line fitment on a majority of desktop screens.  This will make it easier for those who compare and input their orders against a spreadsheet or any other typed up listing software.  Open your windows and do the following to auto adjust the 2 windows:




You can add more lines if necessary.  Select Yes under line 30 to add 10 more lines and underneath that you will have the option to add 15 more if needed.



All of us at Drees thank you for your continued support and business .


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