Glass Door Information


1. Old Glass Door: A door with no groove for rubber glass retainer. The glass can be held in place with either caulking or a wood retainer that we can provide. The wood retainer will be made of the same species that the door is. The glass can be any thickness up to . This method is often used with beveled glass.

2. New Glass Door: A door with a groove to accept a rubber glass retainer that will be provided by us.  Colors include; clear, off white and brown. The groove is positioned to accommodate a single piece of 1/8 glass. Thicker or thinner glass will not work with the rubber glass retainer.

3. Lites: Lites are when a glass door is divided into sections by mullions. They are also known as French Lites. There are two different types of lites; true individual (each section is a single piece of glass) and single pane (one piece of glass is installed behind the mullions). There are many different lite and mullion options, please see individual product pages for specific information. See Sec 3 Page 38-39 for common lite configurations.