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We offer boxes in either 9 Ply Baltic Birch or Solid Hardwood. The joints are half blind dovetails that are only visible from the sides of the box. The bottom is let-in, dadoed and glued ½” up from the bottom edge of the frame. The ply-wood boxes come standard with the tops of the front and backs flush with the sides. Solid boxes come standard with a rounded top having the front and back standing proud 3/32.” Height sizes can only be ordered on the whole or half inch (4” or 4 1/2”). Due to dovetail placement, drawer boxes ordered on the whole inch will be 3/32” larger (4 3/32”) and drawer boxes ordered on the half inch will be 3/32” shorter (4 13/32”). Boxes are priced based on perimeter using a variable height price scale and a variable per box piece charge. Option prices are per box unless otherwise noted and they are in addition to the drawer box cost. Solid wood boxes come standard with 5/8” material, 1/2” upon request. Ordering is done WIDTH X HEIGHT X DEPTH The Minimum: 3" X 2" X 8" The Maximum: 58" X 22" X 58"
BOTTOM CHOICES UNFINISHED BALTIC BIRCH (matches unfinished Flat Top) PRE-FINISHED NATURAL MAPLE (matches pre-finished drawer sides) WHITE MELAMINE CORRESPONDING HARDWOOD (natural grade, underside may not be same species as face).
All solid wood drawer boxes will have a bullnose top edge unless otherwise specified. All materials in the hardwood category are priced as natural grades, please call for quotes on upgrades or materials not listed.
LASER LOGO ENGRAVING: Standard placement for logo engraving is on the inside front left of the drawer box. Logo artwork can be submitted via a scanned image, electronic format submission is preferred. The following electronic formats are preferred: Illustrator, Corel, Photoshop, MS Word, .jpg, .png, or .gif format. Please attach the logo to an email and submit it along with your Customer # and name to: order@dreeswoodproducts.com
HARDWARE PREPARATION: We are prepared to accommodate most brands of hardware. Contact order desk for with your hardware needs.
Entire logo must be within a 2” x 3” space.
DIVIDERS: Internal section dividers are available in the same material selected as the drawer box. The dividers are dadoed into the sides, front, & back. Dividers are removable andare standard 1/2” thick.
SPICE DRAWERS: Choice of Plywood or Solid
SPICE RACK: Spice racks are available with a fixed top and bottom tray. Adjustable trays are the box price, please note quantity.
SCOOP PULLS: There are two scoop optionsn (A & B) that are available on both solid and plywood fronts. The minimum height is 2 1/2”.
NOTE: 9-Ply flat wood grain foil drawer box scoops will have a faux finished scoop.
SLOPED SIDES (CUSTOM): Sloped sides are available with any rise on the side provided that the minimum and maximum standard drawer box limitations are not exceeded. Solid fronts are a compatible option. Custom sides are available, contact the customer service department for quote.
HALF-ANGLED SLOPED SIDE Dovetail drawer box with half-angled side rails are great for pull-out storage in base cabinets and pantries. These boxes are available with or without front scoop
HANGING FILES: Standard file hangers have rails that are parallel with the sides of the drawer box. Lateral file hangers have rails that are parallel with the front and back of the drawer box.
1” ALUMINUM FILE SUPPORT BARS (included) Standard Letter Min: W 14” – Min: H 10 1/2” Standard Legal Min: W 17” – Min: H 10 1/2” Lateral Letter Min: D 14” – Min: H 10 1/2” Lateral Legal Min: D 17” – Min: H 10 1/2”
Lateral File Hangers Shown
TRASH PULLOUT: 17" Front Height 10" Back Height
SOLID WOOD INTEGRAL FRONTS: Solid wood fronts may be added to plywood boxes for pantry pull-outs and other applications. Thickness may either be 1/2”, 5/8”, or 3/4” upon request. All advertised species are available. LIP FRONTS: are only available on boxes with a solid wood front. The lip is designed to hide the drawer slides. Example: 21" Deep Boxes will be 21 1/4" with a 3/4 Solid Front Note: Undermount clip boxes will be deeper to accommodate slide length.
CUSTOM DRAWER CUTOUT Top view Drawing Required
DRAWER WITHIN A DRAWER hardware and assembly included): Space saving design. Individual box pricing applies. Minimum outer box 10w” x 6h” x 13d” Minimum inside box Height 2 1/2”
LAZY SUSAN DRAWER: 12" Height Max Please Provide: Undermount Slide Type & Size